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Since working with Terri I have had a remarkable change in my energy level!  I now pay more attention to foods that nourish my body and avoid ones that have, in the past, depleted me.  I have become more aware of certain food groups and how my body digests them. But best of all, the program was tailored to my individual needs and my unique body requirements!

Linda I

Before working with Terri I felt that I was already eating very healthfully, but wanted to try her …cleanse and see if it would feel any different.

Upon preparing for it with her, I found that one of its bonuses was that it also was a “whole body” cleanse in the sense that it made you take a look at other aspects of your life and how they integrate with your food choices, and choices we make in many ways on a day to day basis. Before the cleanse I often felt a “rush” of hunger periodically throughout the day, and assumed that it was just how my body worked.

• From the very first day of starting the cleanse I no longer had that “rush” feeling, but a calmer hunger instead. Plus I felt satiated longer. I didn’t find the cleanse to be limiting, even though it did exclude certain types of foods, but rather found it opening up to a whole world of other choices that I’d never tried before. Plus, since it was a one week commitment that I chose, I felt that 7 days was definitely doable.

• I felt that I had more consistent energy throughout the day, without lags………..by appearance I) feel that I did lose in places that I have not been able to lose before.

• I think Terri’s materials regarding the cleanse were very helpful. I also think the time she spent in our phone discussions, before, during and after the cleanse, talking about all if its aspects, and drawing out my personal trigger points to look out for, were very helpful. She made herself very accessible for discussion and interaction.

• I don’t seem to have the cravings I had before, or nearly as much of a sweet tooth–hard to believe, even for me. I also feel more of a general sense of calmness than before, even in my stresses, as though feeling more clarity. I do integrate other foods not included in the cleanse, but to a lesser degree than before, and continue to feel better, and find myself reviewing the discussions in my head that she and I had.

Lisa H, Your Content Goes Here
   I was at a point in my life where I not only had to detox my body, but my emotions as well.  

  I work a government job where vending machines exist.  I took a liking to Cheetos, like some of my coworkers do.  I had to have my Cheetos every day, along with all the other junk food people have in their offices for others to enjoy.  I love to eat all kinds of food.  But if I want to live long, I discovered, Cheetos is not the way to do it.   

  So what I found out through this program, my body and mind work together as one entity.  Eat veggies, and feel better mentally and physically……  Also. those smoothies and the lemon elixir are great in terms of feeling clean and not sluggish.  I am also drinking less coffee.  That thing [lemon elixir] is a good waker-upper and is also energizing. 

  I also am eating healthier, simpler, and am more conscious in what I ingest..  Thank you, Terri, for helping me go in a different direction.

Linda K

Run, don’t walk, to join Terri Crystal on her Farmers’ Market walks. She’s a fascinating and knowledgeable guide, took all the mysteries out of organic or not, certified or not, showed me what to look for, gently answered all my questions, and even introduced us to some fascinating vendors. She inspired me to improve my fresh veggie cooking skills and I’m healthier already! If you have a chance, go to a Farmers’ Market with Terri. You’ll love it! ”

Marion Claire

The Speaking Is Sexy Coach/Speaker/Speechwriter/Author “Secrets of a Unique & Sexy Speaker”

Nancy Drobnis
“Before talking to Terri, I thought I was a healthy eater. Terri educated me about the benefits and deficits of a variety of foods. Since speaking with Terri, I have made changes to my diet that have really made a difference. I feel healthier, feel full longer and crave less sweets. I no longer eat bread or bread products. I eat more berries and less of other fruits that boosted my blood sugar without offering much in the way of nutrition and antioxidants. Lastly, I eat more vegetables and seeds that are full of vitamins and minerals. I would recommend working with Terri through one of her programs if you want to feel better and live healthier.”
Erin H.
Thank you so much Terri for this information and for all the great work over the last many months. This is wonderful!
This is WONDERFUL! I really appreciate this – keeps it very simple. Thank you!!!!
Libby H.
Am feeling really good about the work we accomplished.
Thanks again for everything. Looking forward to more sessions this fall!
I am really focusing on only eating when i’m hungry and stopping when I’m full.
Have lost 2 more pounds! Very exciting!
Loved our session the other day! Very impactful!
I got on the scale this morning and am finally in the 140’s! High 140’s but thrilled to be out of the 150’s!
Ellen R

Just need to let u know energy level is up and I feel great.