Are you that person who says ‘yes’ to everything, even if you know you shouldn’t?

You are not alone.

Did you know that every time you say ‘yes’ when you’d rather say ‘no’, you’re making your mind battle with itself, feeling conflicted, going against what you want or believe to be true for yourself.

And, guess what, that battle in your mind leads to stress.  And, we all know what stress eventually leads to:  sickness, also know as dis-ease in the body and/or mind.

You may be saying ‘yes’ to having that hot fudge sundae instead of an orange drizzled with cinnamon and coconut flakes, or watching TV when you know a walk on the beach would feel so much better; you may be saying ‘yes’ to extra hours at work when you’re totally exhausted and want to be home with your family; or you may be spending time with someone who you know isn’t ‘good’ for you, doesn’t treat you well. or has the same bad habits you, yourself, are desperately trying to get rid of.

Saying ‘NO’ to what you truly don’t want means saying ‘YES’ to you, stopping the vicious cycle of stress and all the unwanted symptoms that stress brings with it.

Knowing when to say’NO’ isn’t easy, particularly if you have a long history of not being able to find your voice and speak your will. But, it is do-able.  

You start with baby steps

1.  Examine the areas in your life where you either over-extend yourself or don’t feel confident enough to say ‘NO”
2.  Make a decision to take one of those areas and take action, saying ‘NO’ when you really mean it.  (ex:  a friend wants you to go out to a bar with them and you would much rather be at home curled up with a good book).
3.  Introduce yourself to yourself by taking on a meditation practice.  If that’s scary for you, remember that you can meditate for a minute at a time.  You don’t need to sit for hours.
4.  One of the biggest gifts you can give yourself  is to start listening to and trusting your intuition.  It usually speaks the truth.
5.  Remember always that you are only responsible for you and that you can let go of the things that stress you anytime you want to be shifting your attention to the things that bring you pleasure.
This brings us to the last step for today:
6.  Write a list of everything you’re grateful for and the things that pleasure you.  Put that list somewhere you can look at it regularly (refrigerator, bathroom mirror, computer screen all work well).

If you’re ready to get the tools you need to successfully navigate life in 2017, letting go of the stressful battle in your head, contact me for a free get acquainted session and together let’s get your life on the path toward your dreams and desires.