Signs & Symptoms Checklist

(becoming aware of triggers effecting your mood, energy, and gut)

We live in a society that is over-stimulated 24/7, that is sleep-deprived and stressed, that is bombarded by pollutants, that uses pharmaceuticals to mask symptoms of underlying health imbalances, and that has a food supply that does not promote or sustain health and vitality.

All these issues can and do lead to moodiness, brain fog, fatigue, and more.

When you feel ‘off’, try using the following checklist to help you determine the root cause of your feelings.

Once you’ve determined this root cause (and it could be multi-faceted), make a note of it and try to eliminate it from your daily living as best you can.

(Note that some things can feel unavoidable, like being upset with a loved one or good friend.)


  • What did I eat?
    • How much gluten and dairy
    • How much sugar
    • How much caffeine
    • How much alcohol
    • How much cheesy or creamy sauce
    • How much processed grains (breads, pastas, pastries)
    • How much soda
  • How long did I sleep last night and the few nights prior to that?
    How well did I sleep? _____  What time did I go to bed? ____When did I get up?_____
  • How much water did I drink today?
  • Did I exercise today?
  • Did I take time to meditate and clear out my brain clutter today?
  • Did I overdose on the news, Facebook, Twitter, or just plain old screen time (including watching TV)?
  • Did I have a disagreement with, or was I treated poorly by, someone close to me?

A life well-lived depends on learning

  • How to listen to your ‘gut feeling’
  • How to trust your intuition and validate that it’s okay to feel the way you do

How to find ways to handle your reaction to feeling upset or off balance so that you feel supported and heard (one of my favorite resources for this is Talk Rx by Dr. Neha Sangwan)

There are many things you have control over:

  • How you nourish yourself with food and drink
  • Your sleep and screen time
  • Your reaction to negativity

Making it a habit to be mindful of how you feel, while learning to ask ‘why do I feel this way’ is a sure-fire recipe for health, sparkling vitality, and longevity.

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