If you experience chronic inflammation and auto-immune issues (low or high thyroid, diabetes, arthritis and joint pain, cancers, etc.); high stress; a poor diet; sensitivities to food, chemicals, or allergens, nutrition and lifestyle choices will make a HUGE difference in how you feel.

If you’re suffering from low energy and fatigue, inability to lose weight, poor sleep, forgetfulness, trouble concentrating, or  food craving and have already tried pills and powders with no relief – food and lifestyle choices can and do make a HUGE difference in your overall well-being.

Do you long to add life to your years no matter how old you are?

The people I work with want to handle middle age and beyond without a health crisis so they can travel, learn, hang out at their favorite museum or concert hall, play with the grand kids, enjoy festivals, dance, walk, bike ride, garden, and so much more!

My passion is to support you in a fun and relaxed way to get your health and life where you want it to be……whether it’s learning to how to manage weight or crave-binge cycling; dealing with life and age-related transitions; wanting to enjoy food that you love without constantly being on a ‘diet’; loving your body; repairing your digestive system with the right nutrition; gaining more focused energy; or reducing stress from food and life.

As you begin  to understand the role that your past issues, auto-immune disorders, and food sensitivities have played in your overall health, we’ll work to gently bring you into balance (as you were before, or maybe have never experienced) by marrying mind and body toward the ultimate goal:

…………..a nourished and vital you.

Why not increase your longevity, get pleasure from your food, and feel great?  It’s never too late to experience what great health can do for your life.

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