Believe it or not, your energy levels are within your control. While you may think you’re destined to live with fatigue forever and that it’s just part of who you are – this is NOT the case.

There are likely some key ways that you’re unknowingly sabotaging your energy. I saw this with myself and I see it with most of my clients.
While in the short term it might be a bit of a bummer to learn you’re getting in your own way, in the long term this is great news! It means your problems are fixable, and who doesn’t want to hear that?

In today’s post, I’m going to teach you one way you may be unintentionally causing your low energy, and something you can fix right NOW! There are always many things to look at but just try this one on for size and see what you notice.

Do you drag yourself through the day, fighting to stay awake, stay focused, and stay happy while  hitting the candy machine and Starbucks in the middle of the afternoon?  You are probably sabotaging yourself by thinking that everyone else is doing the same thing and that this is ‘normal’.

There is nothing normal about this!  You are actually undermining your happiness and your ability to be successful in all that you do, whether you are raising a family, climbing the corporate ladder, going for your first million dollars as a budding entrepreneur, care-taking a loved one, or already retired.

Besides the fatigue, you may be experiencing digestive, sleep, relationship, or emotional issues; excess stressors; and some food addictions.  All of this adds up to a body that is out of balance and begging for help!  By not paying any attention, you are prolonging the problem and it typically only gets worse!

The first and most satisfying thing to fix is what’s on the end of your fork. Food can make a huge difference.  Two of the biggest energy vampires are sugar and unpronounceable ingredients found in processed, chemicalized ‘food’ that the food industry advertises as tasty, satisfying, and nutritious.

It IS tasty if your palate is used to eating it, but its not really very satisfying because you’re always craving for more, and its definitely NOT nutritious. AND, once you get clean with your diet, you’ll notice that all the packages of junk food and all the fast foods out there tend to taste like they were made in someone’s laboratory.

And, guess what…..they were!!!

So, if you want to fix your fatigue and energy issues, start putting whole food, mostly plants (try working up to 90% plants and 10% animal protein – unless you are vegan), into every meal, and start crowding out the junk and fast food!

Start simple with breakfast and snacks, then build up to lunch and dinner.

Check out this website at for a few ideas and recipes to get you started, or post a question on my FaceBook page at  I’m here to help you live long and thrive!


Meantime, if you struggle to make it through the day and your energy battery is running at 1% every afternoon, find out how you can turn fatigue into all-day fabulous. 

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